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“We want to be the voice for all those who have something to tell. They could be brave military personnel who overcame PTSD, people with abused past, returnee's from prison and many such people who want to share how they overcame their traumatic past and are living a positive life today. We want to give the needed outlet to these encouraging stories to inspire others out there.”


Budding authors struggling to publish their works can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Latest publishing house Caged Bird Publishing is helping promising authors to publish their books through sponsored publishing services. The company also helps authors with complete career management and book promotion services.


"Writing a book is one thing and getting it published is another. There are lots of promising authors out there who have created amazing works but are unable to afford the publishing costs. It’s really disheartening to see such great talents go unrecognized and also it’s a loss for readers to be not being able to cherish such awesome works. And this is where Caged Bird Publishing comes to the rescue. We are committed to giving a voice to these authors so that they can actually bring their work to the world and amaze the readers through their word wizardry and inspiring tales”, stated Danielle Ferreira, the lady behind Caged Bird Publishing

Danielle Ferreira CEO, and founder of Caged Bird Publishing since 2014. 

 A proud author-entrepreneur, literary manager, designer and a disabled veteran that takes pride in helping people tell their stories and spreading the word about their latest endeavors.

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"I'm still blown away with the professionalism and patience of this company. This is the book series I have ever published. I have ZERO experience with the process and was completely clueless. I am now completely informed, feel valved and consistently receive OUTSTANDING SEVICE."

Pamela O'hara,

Dark Justice Series

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    Have you ever been in a relationship, or marriage that you found yourself fighting for to the degree you felt you were in a war? I call that the “battlefield” of love, and I have never seen anyone come out without at least one scratch.

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