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Do you want to do a cleanse but are confused by all the programs, products and protocols out on the market?

Do you know you don't need to do anything complicated or expensive to dramatically reduce your toxic load?


Detoxification has become a very popular topic in recent years. There are many different approaches and programs out there. This program aims to demystify the process and get to the bottom of the basic principles. 


Detox, done improperly, is at best ineffective, and at worst is harmful to your body.  This program will deliver simple and practical tips that you can apply right away to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins without having to spend a ton of money on supplements or programs. In fact, you can get started right away without any expensive supplements, equipment or protocols and see the follow results:


§  weight loss

§  reduced cravings

§  more energy

§  mental clarity

§  clear skin

§  better ingestion

§  increased immunity


In this program, you will learn the basics on how toxins affect the body and how you can reduce your exposure to environmental toxins.

We will cover:


  • Symptoms of toxicity

  • Sources of environmental toxins

  • How to reduce exposure to environmental toxin

  • How to use foods and herbs to support the body's natural detoxification process

  • The basic principles of metabolic detox

  • How you can detox safely

  • It also includes (detox water and smoothies receipts)


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