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NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: "Bullets Have No Eyes", written by: Author Cavon D. Mills

It's hard to contain myself! I'm Super Excited! Author Cavon D. Mills' debut novel is a pulling of the soul emotional story that will leave you begging for more!!!

Seek Peak!

Bullets are defined as a metal projectile for firing from a rifle, revolver, or other small firearm. These projectiles have infiltrated Wisdom Davis’ world for as long as he can remember. Wisdom has always had the odds stacked against him. He literally has had to fight for respect from the day he was left on his grandmother’s doorstep, at the age of twelve to the days he became a teenage father. The one thing Wisdom learned from the streets was the hood could never see you sweat.

Harrow’s Landing, better known as Harrow Park to its inhabitants, is filled with all the things low-income communities have: gangs, drugs, and crime. However, Wisdom always managed to stay on the up and up until one bullet literally hit too close to home, taking the one thing that mattered to him the most. Will Wisdom succumb to the pressures of his surroundings and in some way get revenge for the Love that was taken from him.


Bullets Have No Eyes

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