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Like the age old expression, ‘what goes around, comes around’, Vdor has brought you exactly that in this thrilling cautionary tale of four friends on a quest to satisfy their sexual craving for the many 'hella-sexy' women in the city of Philadelphia. Best known as Philly’s most eligible bachelors and for throwing the most ‘lit’ after work parties in the tri-state area. This group of young, six-figure successful fellas spare no expense on bringing the cities sexiest socialites and elite professionals together, every 3rd Friday of the month for an exclusive open bar, invitation only, V.I.P. event.

However, it’s not always love at the popular upscale social gatherings. As Eric and Nelly, take exception to some of the ladies who carry their confidence a little too high and snubs the fellas at their own events. Then along came a Spyder, who introduces the fellas to the date raping game with an exotic new drug called ‘girlfriend’, which the fellas are immediately attracted to. Now, as they embark on a dangerous game of deception, the fellas will soon learn that playing the stakes too high will come at a heavy price. And as the tables turn, they will learn the hard way that ‘Karma’s a b*tch’ when it catches up to you.  In this exciting fable of triumph, deception, betrayal, and redemption, it’s all about the ending


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