BUY NOW:  Fasten Your Seatbelts! In this inspiring "must read" book, Author Kenesa Bowe takes you on a journey, a thrilling real life rollercoaster of adventurous highs and lows, twists, turns, and upside down experiences that led to a safe landing--an incredibly unforgettable encounter and relationship with Jesus Christ that has forever changed her life. When you face a struggle, don't give up! Rear View Mirror breathes fresh winds of hope to push you beyond a stormy, imperfect past into a beautiful destiny that is brighter and better than you have imagined! Has your life been laced with disappointment? Have you ever felt lost, hopeless, or unsuccessful? Have you faced abuse, unplanned pregnancy, rape or molestation, domestic violence, betrayal by "friends" or broken romantic relationships? Have you struggled to achieve your academic, personal, family or financial goals? Rear View Mirror will motivate you to keep pushing, pressing and praying until you achieve your dreams! Rear View Mirror reminds you that what is ahead is so much greater, brighter and clearer than what is behind you! Author Kenesa Bow's inspiring story reinstills the power of faith and hope, helps you forgive the pain of your past and move speedily forward into the bright future that God has prepared for you!


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