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To stop an inhumane evil, Cleo Hurston must unleash the phaser within!

The big apple usually attracts all types, but now New York City has become home to a race of genetically modified humans called Phasers. Cleo, a New York City orphan who has phaser blood —requires her to go through the ritualistic “phasing” process to become a “real woman”.

However, a conspiracy engineered by the perfidious Robert Hartmann, first of his phaser line, protects the factions from the ones that hunt them. Robert has a past buried with dark secrets — ones that would jeopardize the power he has over the region if uncovered.

Cleo must team up with Hartmann’s flesh-and-blood Von Hartmann to take down this evil line from the inside: With sparks developing between the two, Cleo must make a choice. This mighty task will cost her more than she can pay – but will it awaken the beast lying dormant inside her.


The Chronicles of Brute Creations

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