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Love Jones meets Mississippi Masala in this thrilling, controversial, love drama as Brian Jones a delivery driver from the lowly streets of North Philadelphia falls in love with the beautiful, affluent, and fashion savvy Egyptian princess, Ashima Batool.


After condemning love from events hiding in his past, Brian, the handsome and charismatic “one night stand running man” proudly boasts his single status and mocks his married friend’s Marty and Cortez at every opportunity. However, Marty is certain that Brian is one lustful encounter away from being struck by Cupid’s arrow.


Ashima, a witty graduate of the esteemed Wharton School of Business, is a thriving financial consultant at Philadelphia Finance and Trust. But, even with success, Ashima struggles to come into her own professionally and personally under the discipline of her controlling father, Amir. However, once Ashima encounters the likes of Brian Jones, she soon realizes he’s the refreshing air she’s been longing to breathe.


But, love doesn’t come easy for this attractive couple as Ashima’s father, millionaire banker, Amir Batool takes exception to Brian once he gets wind of Brian’s interest in his daughter. Especially, since the Islamic businessman has already arranged his daughter’s future with the likes of billionaire heir, Fahad Gabrwho claims Ashima as his fiancée and Islamic wife to be. But with Ashima wanting no part of the arranged marriage and Brian not backing down is where the real drama begins and this romantic adventure takes off.


From breathtaking romantic views from the London Eye, to sitting alongside the runway in Paris during Haute Couture Fashion week, to racing supercars across the scorching desert of Dubai, Gypsy Lane takes you on an epic romantic journey of love and lust you soon may never forget. In this romance novel, it is he who reaps the spoils.


Prepare to be moved…


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