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“Who is Jay Speight”

ORDER NOW A lil background on me I was raised in a single family home by my mother Catherine Speight, and my father Johnnie Speight Sr. I have sisters by my mother Karen and Lazetta. And my father’s extended family siblings included Fajr, Sherry, Micheal & Kevin. My daughter name is Destini.

We lived in the Ingleside section of Norfolk, Virginia until my parents divorced when I was in the 5th grade at Ingelside Elementary. And we moved to Va Beach. After the divorced my father stayed there in that house in Norfolk. I moved only 15 minutes away from where I grew up in Ingelside, but I rarely saw him during my childhood.

Once my parents divorced my mother took me and my sisters to my Grandmother Bernice McConn and her husband Mr. McConn's house in the Lake Edward section of Virginia Beach.

I was exposed to a lot of drugs and violence at a very young age. My sitter Lazetta dated the neighborhood hustler, having no brothers or father in my life I looked up to him, as well as all my friends, as well as rappers and other black celebrities.

I was slightly concerned about revealing my truth so I talked to Jermaine Trotman about it and let him read a few chapters to get his opinion.

“Your truth is your truth son. People can feel how they want to feel about it. But it’s your truth. Some going to love it, some is going to hate it. But it’s your truth. So tell your story. But I fucks with it. You are a talented writer, like you took me back, I forgot about a lot of this shit. But it’s dope, for real man I’m looking forward to reading the entire thing.” - Jermaine Trotman

Jermaine, gave me the courage and the inspiration to move forward with finishing the book. In fact I was so inspired I wrote 3 books in total so far. And it’s looking like it may be a fourth. As long as I’m alive I will continue to write. As my life story lives on, so will my books. I'm sure some will deny the things that are mentioned. But one person you cant hide from or lie to is GOD. So hate it or love it, here it is. We all have a story to tell, here's mine...

Lastly I purposely changed some names, and series of events to protect the guilty.

I promise you will not be able to put this book down!

In My Lifetime: The Life & Times of Jay Speight

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